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Including push-ups and sit-ups to your training regimen should both readily come to mind when thinking about some of the most simple and effective bodyweight workouts available. Push-ups challenge the whole upper torso, core, glutes, and legs and should be considered as a total-body workout. That’s correct; it takes many big muscle groups to effectively lower the body and raise it off the ground. Sometimes you may be worried to ask questions like, can I get in shape simply by doing push-ups and sit-ups? How many sit-ups and push -up should I do per day? This is what you need to know: If you have been sedentary for a long period or are relatively new to exercise, it would be hard to do 50 push-ups and sit-ups per day; however, it will most definitely make you stronger! Subsequently, once the body gets used to the task, your growth may slow; even if you are not in shape, and your body will need more intense workouts as you progress!

Fun fact: Push-ups and sit-ups make up approximately two-thirds of the physical activity in the military. The staple of boot camp style training comprise these two fundamental activities since they are easy to practice, simple, create results, and you can perform them virtually anywhere. If they’re adequately difficult for the military to use, they’re also sufficiently difficult for you…and this should be considered a good thing! To get healthy, fit and strong, it should be somewhat difficult, wouldn’t you say?

What Muscles Do Push-Ups Work?

Without question, push-ups are one of the most traditional and successful workout to improve core strength and strengthen virtually all upper body muscles.  It is an “equipment-free exercise” that can be carried out everywhere. Pectoral muscles easily get pumped, along with shoulders, abs and triceps, among others. Seeing results, especially in your upper body, can be realized rather quickly when you undergo a 30 day challenge, or any other type of regimen that involves daily push-ups. The results can be fast and dramatic.

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - Home Workout Series - Push-Up And Sit-Up Routines You Can Do Anywhere - woman doing push-ups

Here Are Some of The Push-Up Exercises You Do Everyday and Everywhere

Modified Push-up: This helps to keep your core tight and to hold your chest, back, and arms together.

  1. Standard Push-up: Incorporating a standard push-up comes down to correctly positioning the shoulders, elbows, hands and feet.
  2. Hand-Release Push-up: Coaches love this push-up variation because it exposes the “push” aspect and forces you to engage the chest because you put your whole body down to the ground.
  3. Chaturanga Push-up: This form of the push-up, also known as a dive bomber, forces you to recruit your shoulders, triceps, and core as a classic yoga flow, thus improving your mobility range.
  4. Triceps Push-up: It is important to build strength in the triceps because they offer support to the shoulder, which is essential for push-and-pull activities.
  5. The Single-Leg Push-up: If you choose to question your core power, your equilibrium is checked by this push-up variation. Raising one foot off the ground forces you to hold your body elevated and in a straight line while engaging your core.
  6. Pushing-up to Frogger: You can get your pulse rate up and really activate your core, shoulders, and calves by adding a frogger into your push-up.
  7. Blast Off Push-up: It would get your heart rate up to burn calories and rev your metabolism, and really activating your fast-twitch muscles
  8. Spiderman Push-up: In this push-up variation, the obliques, commonly known as the side ab muscles, are really forced to work. By pushing you to get lower, will allow you to increase your push-up depth and range of motion.
  9. Incline Push-up with a BOSU Ball: Although it’s a flexible piece of strength training equipment that can be used for any form of workout, in this type of push-up, its primary objective is to stimulate your deep core strength.
  10. Push-up with Shoulder Taps: Shoulder taps check your core power and endurance.
  11. Scapular Push-up: This form of the push-up operates by retraction and protraction on the shoulders and back.

Sit-Up Training Plan

For a variety of factors, sit-ups are to be considered as an excellent workout. But they seem so basic, right? Right! Their health benefits often extend well beyond what you can possibly imagine – they strongly contribute to improved muscle development, greater core strength, aesthetics, and better tonality. To achieve a stage of optimal physical performance, sit-ups build a synergistic state in your body where your muscles from both your upper and lower body both come together and harmonize.

Sit-ups activate a significant group of muscles

The sit-up and the crunch are recognized for how they target the abs. In terms of a pure abdominal fitness routine, very few workouts will oppose the sit-up; that is why people attempting to get their summer bodies ready are readily seen performing sit-ups. The muscles connected to the abs all have synergistic function and when you strengthen the abs, many other muscles become strong as a result!

Boost the balance and posture with sit-ups

Sit-ups will improve many aspects of your mobility will enable you to enhance your stability and balance. Your posture will improve because of the synergistic effect of the abs (as mentioned above) and how it relates to improved overall muscle tonality and deep core strength.

Because sit-ups operate on so many muscle groups linked to your flexibility, it’s expected that you’ll see some positive changes if you do your sit-ups every day.

Sit-ups increase the range of movement by increasing flexibility, which ensures that you can be more elastic and better prepared to do activities that you may not have been able to do previously. You can walk and run more quickly because of the amount of strength that sit-ups can generate in unison with your legs.

Sit-Up Workout You Can Do Everywhere and Everyday

Here are several exercises for a sit-up that you should do everywhere. Use smooth, steady, coordinated movements together with the correct technique. Train on a soft mat or a soft sheet; for support, put a towel under your tailbone. When you are performing these workouts, you should leave your back gently bent.

  • Elbow-to-knee sit-ups: The external and internal obliques are worked through this exercise and make a gentle spinal twist.
  • V-Sits: This exercise allows stability, strength, and coordination to be established. They can be tried out when you’re searching for something of a challenge type.
  • Stability ball sit-ups: Using a stability ball will help reduce back pain by supporting the spine’s standard curve and minimizing pressure on the vertebrae.
  • Traditional sit-ups: Due to their efficacy and uncomplicated existence, good old-fashioned sit-ups can be a pleasant addition to your workout routine.
Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - Home Workout Series - Push-Up And Sit-Up Routines You Can Do Anywhere - woman doing sit-ups

How Many Push-Ups and Sit-Ups Should You Do in a Day?

Push-ups and sit-ups are particularly effective types of strength-building exercises, but many individuals tend to underdo them. For beginners, and particularly for those who are overweight, it can be very difficult to achieve results immediately and it is always important to not overdo it at the beginning. There is a general progression you should follow. Listen to your body. Doing push-up and sit-up routines for beginners you might realize that you can only do 2 push-ups in the initial phase. Do not panic! Even though you might not be able to do so many repetitions in the initial stage, after persistence and focus, this number will most definitely go up. Work consistently to strengthen yourself and to get the benefits of increased strength. There is no maximum on how often one should perform push-ups and sit-ups in a day. Many people do more than 300 times a day! What about for beginners? Interestingly, 50 to 100 push-ups a day can be enough to sustain a healthy upper body for an average individual when performed correctly.

Final Words

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team members. Remember, we are here to help you change your life to one that in more healthy, happy and sustainable. We, at Parallelo Health, believe that embracing a healthy lifestyle is imperative for a long and productive life. Get off the couch and join us to day. Please do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for new articles and interesting offers.


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