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Love handles are a pet-term for unsightly and stubborn fat that readily accumulates around the abdominal region and then bulges out of the waistline as pants are worn. It gives the reminiscent semblance of a chubby and not-so-fit individual and it is undoubtedly a great way to refer to the fat that covers our out-of-shape abdominal oblique muscles. Some people may ask, why are they called love handles? Most people will say it is the excessive fat around the belly you can hold during lovemaking, which is why they are called love handles. However, it might be a shallow expression. Of course, the best way to get rid of this pesky flab around your waist is by regular exercise and a healthy diet, reducing your calorie consumption, and ensuring that the love handles are doing cardio at least 3-5 times a week.

Love handles are a consequence of overt weight gain and since they seem to “grow” very fast, they are equally challenging to get rid of. Men and women both can fall victim to excess flab become obsessed with them, leading to a negative picture of the body. Do you recognize yourself in this issue? Do you feel like your love handles are out of control and nothing will help to reduce them? Fear not; we have the right solution for you!

A Little More About What Causes Love Handles

In general, fat gain and a bulging waistline are caused by lack of exercise, poor sleep, lack of training and overeating. Remember, if the calories taken in are more than the calories burnt, we gain fat! The infamous spare tire is the result, as previously mentioned, which is the unfortunate accumulation of fat around the belly. Men are particularly vulnerable to the build-up of fat around the abdomen. Age may also contribute to the redistribution of fat in this area (sometimes referred to as the ‘middle-age spread’).

Theoretically, across the entire region of the midsection of the body, the excess flab should be spread uniformly. However, the fat deposits itself towards the lower portion of the waistline, creating the unsightly muffin’s top. Luckily, we can put a stop to this!

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How Can I Prevent Love Handles?

A proper combination of diet and a good exercise plan is vital if you want to keep the flab away. While several diet pills promise you a fast way to lose love handles, remember that pills are only to be regarded as a temporary solution, if that! The excess weight will more often than not come right back when you stop taking the pills, except when you actually change your diet and improve your lifestyle.

Full Guide on How to Get Rid of Love-Handles

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Love-handles are stubborn. Many people experience difficulties when they try to do something about these damn love handles because they do not effectively carry out their weight loss or training program correctly or consistently. There are countless weight loss tips all over the internet. With gurus and super fitness models telling you there is a secret that only they know and if you pay them now, you will have the same results. Individual results vary due to many factors and these factors are usually related to work-ethic and cheating on their diets. We have to be honest with ourselves to make these inherent changes and we have to start now! There are a few fantastic programs out there to help you get back into shape. It would be best to determine which plan you will implement and stick with it until you meet your objectives after you have made the decision. There are many ways to lose love handles, including exercises, herbal nutritional supplements, or diet pills. Consistency is key! The right mind set and focus will surely help you achieve the desired results, so stick with them!

Let’s take a look at some of the simplest weight loss and maintenance strategies that you can begin with to get on your path towards getting rid of that damn spare tire with simple and effective physical activities, food, and supplements.

BASIC GUIDE: What to Eat to Get on Track to Lose Those Love-Handles

  1. High protein meals, ideally baked and grilled meats and fish.
  2. No processed foods – NO UNHEALTHY SNACKS!
  3. More green leafy vegetables – Juicing is a great idea!
  4. Fresh fruits – but remember about sugar, so keep this limited to satisfy your sweet tooth! Berries, kiwis, and apples are great choices.
  5. Healthy fats – olive oil and free-range butter are acceptable! Don’t forget about keto!
  6. Greek yogurt of kefir.
  7. Limit your cereals.
  8. Incorporate apple cider vinegar in your diet.
Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - Home Workout Series - Losing Those Not-So-Lovely Love Handles - healthy diet

What Are The Major Exercises to Get Rid of Pesky Love-Handles?

Simplicity is best! Don’t over-complicate your journey.

But I am impatient!  How long does it take to lose love-handles? Good to know, when you are eating correctly and exercising, good things happen most quickly. Yes, you must be patient and consistent as it won’t happen overnight. The combination of a good, healthy diet and a simple love handles workout will offer the best results when it comes to losing love handles. Plus, the shedding off your love handles will have a secondary, yet significant impact on your overall health. Removing a bulging waistline and abdominal fat can lead to the desired overall weight loss as visible results will boost your confidence and efforts. A training program will change how your body looks and make your feel more confident and boost your self-image. Furthermore, incorporating body detox helps to eliminate toxic contaminants and excess mesenteric fat located around and in the organs and digestive system.

Here are some workouts for you:

  1. Bicycle Exercise: This should be a staple when you want to burn those love handles! Go for a bike ride or get a stationary exercise bike and see how effective these can be in reducing body fat around the waist.
  2. Rowing: One of my personal favorites. Indoor rowing requires an indoor rowing machine (duh!), but it will surely help you get rid of excess body fat in no time! Try 2 rowing sessions per day, where you row for 10 minutes. Vary intensity according to the HIIT principle and be amazed!
  3. Jumping Rope: A cheap yet super effective way to burn away body fat, while training most muscles in your body is a jump rope. Read all about or Ultimate Jump Rope workout here.
  4. Captain’s Chair Exercise: This is another every day and efficient workout that you should include in your anti-love-handles workout. It targets the abs and core. There may be several ways to do this, but building muscles around the oblique sections is considered to be a fundamental objective. While being supported by your arms, you let your body dangle. When you start slowly and repetitively lifting your knees towards your chest. Although a great exercise, this does require some equipment. An alternative is hanging from a stairs and doing the crunches. FEEL THE BURN!
  5. Exercise Ball Crunches: This is an optimal love-handle workout and is great for those who might have back pain or experience discomfort while sitting on the ground. Work begins with placing your feet flat on the floor while you place your back on the ball while the crunch movement is being done. Read all about our Exercise ball workout here.
  6. Vertical Leg Crunch: This workout looks a little similar to leg raises, yet it incorporates a crunching movement to activate virtually all torso muscles to act in unison. The muscles of your abs contract when unilaterally raising your shoulder blades and lowering them back to the floor in conjunction with lifting one or both legs. There are many variations of this exercise depending on your level.

These love-handle exercise methods will be successful when practiced consistently for a period of time. This should be incorporated into your lifestyle and not just once in a while. Good nutrition and a balanced diet must also be included on your daily list of activities.

Stress and poor sleep also have a negative impact on your body in general and body weight. Try to reduce stress in your life as much as possible and make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Here are some great tips for relaxation:

  • Deep-breathed breathing – Wim Hof Method.
  • Listening to motivating music.
  • Meditation or prayer time.
  • Bedtime Yoga.
  • Reading instead of watching television or your mobile device.
  • Time alone to clear your mind.

Take Away

A combination of a good diet, exercise, enough quality sleep, plenty of water and a healthy lifestyle is the best way of keeping a fit body. Sedentary lifestyles and lack of exercise can harm our bodies and deprive our mental state. With a vigorous aerobic exercise regimen, such as running, swimming, rowing, jumping rope, or any activity that gets the heart pumping and fat burning, you can get in good shape.

1.    Eat right

Put the cookies, cake, and French fries down and eat fruit, veggies, healthy and vitamin rich smoothies and lean proteins. To burn fat, a healthy diet with good nutrition is best. 80% of fat loss is based on what you eat! Also, if you do not burn more calories than you eat, you can’t burn fat. FACTS!

2.    Work it out!

Learn how to enjoy the gym and do cardiovascular exercises with an objective in mind. Start working out for five days a week and see the effects quickly to keep you motivated. It will work, if you put your mind to it!

3.    Stretch and bend exercises

Just do a little Yoga. Get mystical about how to lose those darn love handles and take advantage of the guru of love. It will tone your midriff into fine shape by doing varied exercises to work out all muscle regions, especially your abdominals.

4.    More water please!

Water is the substance that gives life. Everyone knows that 90 percent of our bodies are water, and it needs to be replenished continuously. Drinking six to eight glasses or one gallon of water a day will help balance the body, flush out the system, and promote overall good health.

If you have any questions about any about losing you love handles, please feel to message us and subscribe to our newsletter where you will be notified when we put up new articles or have a product offering! Remember, we are here to help and at Parallelo Health we bring you a healthy lifestyle and motivate you to achieve you goals! LET’S GO!

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