10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home

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I have always found crystals fascinating. When I was little, my dad had several larger ones on top of a closet and I used to stare at them for hours. A while back this interest spiked due to friends who have a whole showcase filled with all kinds of crystals. So I learned about all the great benefits that crystals can have in your life. After lots of research I ordered a few myself and now I am in love; crystals are great for many reasons. Not only are they simply mesmerizing to look at, they also benefit us. In this blog I will show you 10 crystals that benefit your health and your home. Find out why crystals are booming and so many people love having them around!

I do want to note that I am not a crystal expert, but I did my research and found some great benefits. If you embrace crystals, I am sure you will too, however, I cannot guarantee they have the exact same effect on everybody. I think intentions are very important when it comes to crystals and if you open up your mind for them, placebo or not, they will surely benefit your health and your living space.

This will be the first part of a multipart blog, as there are so many awesome crystals we want to introduce to you, we can’t do it in this one blog.

Crystals and Energy

Crystals have become somewhat of a hype in the last years, as more people have been turning towards alternative medicine and complementary medicine. Other things that have seen a similar uptick are acupuncture, yoga and herbal medicine.

Crystals are not just stones that look good and shiny that you can show off to your friends and family. They actually offer great health benefits for a wide range of health issues, or they can turn your home into a healthier and more pleasant living space. Even though there is no mainstream science to support these statements, it’s not just an illusion supported by millions of people around the world. There is actually something to it and it has to do with the flow of energy.

Crystals seem to somehow tap into the earth’s energy grid and use those energies to do all sorts of wonderful things for their surroundings. It is not just for you, it is for everything around you.

Crystals and Your Health

In these troubled times, where Covid-19 has scared the whole world, it is more important than ever to make sure your health and immune system are in the best possible state. You can boost your immune system with all kinds of vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Parsley. However, there is more to health than just your immune system. Your health is influenced by the synergy of body functions, energies and frequencies. It is affected by your life style, your nutrition, your sleep pattern as well as your emotions and mental state. It thus requires a holistic approach.

Crystals will help you energetically and metaphysically. They can boost your immunity and help your body remove toxins in many shapes and forms. There are also crystals that boost your mental state, help you overcome stress, depression, anxiety and even boost focus and emotional wellbeing. Crystals are also widely used for meditiation, Reiki and there are crystal massages that can offer relief for some health issues.

All in all, crystals are a great addition to the life of most people. We have bought our fair share and feel like our health, as well as our home, is in a better place because of the crystals.

10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home

To help you on your way in the wonderful world of crystals, we have listed 10 great crystals, which will benefit you surely. Give them a try, enjoy their beauty and feel their effect yourselves!

Smaller crystals can be worn on your skin as jewelry, like on a necklace or ring, while larger crystals can be placed at important places in your home, like on your nightstand or under your pillow, close to your favourite chair or at a central point in your house.

An important note before going into the nice stuff and actually showing some great crystals: crystals are not meant to be a replacement of regular medical care. They can however aid in various ways to benefit your health and reduce certain health issues. If you have medical issues, please do contact your doctor.

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - amethyst


The amethyst is probably one of the most well-known crystals in the world. Mystics used amethysts for a wide range of purposes in ancient times, from treating spider bites to reducing acne. They are called nature’s tranquilizer and are one of the most effective healing crystals you can find.

Amethysts have a fantastic mesmerizing purple appearance. They are readily available throughout the world and can range from small pebbles to very large, decorative pieces. These giant ones are truly an amesome sight to behold.

Amethyst can heal your body, mind and soul and has incredible powers for healing and purifying, as well as protective powers. It has also been tribute to many spiritual boosting effects. Some of its effects are:

  • Help reduce insomnia.
  • Boost hormone production.
  • Relieve physical, emotional and mental pain and stress.
  • Cleanse blood and organs.
  • Reduce headaches.
Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - bloodstone


The Bloodstone crystal lives up to its name as it has a direct connection to your blood, which is detoxified and purified by this crystal.

Bloodstone is dark green with red spots and streaks. Sometimes it also has yellow spots. Older stories tell of the red dots being the blood of Christ, which made it a popular and sought after stone throughout the years. It has ancient religious meaning, like in Greece and Egypt, where it was considered to be magically endowed.

Bloodstone is a powerful purifier and helps draw off bad and negative environmental energies. It can help you cleanse negative feelings like irritation, aggression and impatience. Furthermore, it will boost the inner spiritual body and enhance courage, strength and determination. If you have a hard time moving on after a drawback, a bloodstone is something you definitely want to consider.

Last but certainly not least, the Bloodstone offers a boost to your immune system and helps you recover from illness and infections. It is definitaly one of those crystals that benefit your health and your home.

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - obsidian


Obsidian is also known as volcanic glass, as it is made in nature from molten lava that cooled super-fast. These crystals are usually metal black or dark brown in colour, but can also be greyish or green. As its colour can vary, it is subdivided in several types. Obsidian crystals can be bought as jewellery, as well as objects of power.

Obsidian is a great crystal for cleansing negative energy around yourself, as well as in your house. It also offers protection against spiritual and emotional negativity, hence it is called a mental vacuum cleaner. It is also a strong grounding stone that invites you to connect with the earth itself by opening your 1st chakra.

Obsidian is also used for detoxifying the body as well as reducing pain and cramps.

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - rose quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is, as the name suggests, the pink or light purple variety of quartz. This very beautiful crystal gets its colour from manganese elements in nature and can be found in many places around the world.

Rose quartz is one of the more important and prominent crystals of this day and age. It helps you purify your emotions and open up your heart. It will assist you in transforming to a more loving frequency, and thereby encourages love, respect and self-worth, which we definitely need in these times of a global pandemic.

Rose quartz is a crystal of the heart and helps you heal after a heart-breaking event, by restoring trust and harmony, whilst closing the bad connections. It will also help reduce stress, anxiety and tension.

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - clear quartz

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a master healing crystal. Clear quartz is also called Rock crystal or Crystal quartz and has a beautiful, glasslike appearance.

Clear quartz has energy amplifying abilities. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. By doing so, it stimulates the immune system and balances the entire body. Especially now with the coronavirus, this is something a lot of people might need. Furthermore this crystal aids your concentration and memory as well as increases your spiritual wisdom.

The cool thing about clear quartz and rose quartz is that seem to enhance each other and synergise their power. So it not only is a great combination in appearance, but also awesome for their combined abilities.

The Golden Triangle

The golden triangle are 3 crystals that benefit your health and your home: Amethyst, Rose quartz and Clear quartz.

Once combined, these 3 varieties of quartz crystals will enhance eachother and increase their power. They are sometimes called the magical three. This combination provides tranquility, balance and harmony. The golden triangle elevates the energy in every room, protects it against external influences and brings peace and harmony. This is why these three crystals are great for your living space or office.

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - citrine


Don’t we all want a little more good vibes, joy and enthusiasm these days? If you feel the same, you might want to consider getting yourself a citrine crystal, as this is exactly what these crystals do. They help you release negativity like fear and fatigue, while encouraging optimism, warmth, clarity and motivation.

Citrine is a great crystal for increasing your energy, creativity and concentration. It has been named a ‘success stone’, as it helps you manifest success and abundance in your life.

Citrine is coloured yellow and white, like a little ray of sunshine in your life.

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - labradorite


Labradorite is one of my personal favourites when it comes to looks. One glance at these beautiful crystals will make you want one too. This crystal has a striking play of colours, called labradorescence, which becomes visible when struck by light. You can see bright flashes of green, blue, red, pink, yellow and violet. It is sometimes called the ‘aurora stone’ due to this effect.

Labradorite is a powerful protection crystal. It strengthens your own energy in your body and auras, which in turn make sure negative energy from the outside world, will not get a grip on you. It also prevents your own energy to leak and helps you filter your thoughts and calms your mind. This crystal might be of great help for people with HSP (highly sensitive person).

On a spiritual level, labradorite helps you to connect dots and recognize synchronicities, which will enhance your alignment with the universe. This in turn will help you manifest your dreams into reality.

A very useful benefit for your health is that labradorite helps you deal with the common cold and respiratory issues.

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - pyrite


Pyrite is another very special looking crystal. Many people believe nature does not create things with perfect right angles or cubes, until they see pyrite crystals. They come in many different sizes, but somehow can form into perfect cubes. Due to its golden-yellow hue, it is also names ‘fool’s gold’. The Inca’s used pyrite as a mirror due to its shiny, mirror like surface.

Pyrite is a powerful protective stone, which can aid you in treating infective diseases and help you battle lung disorders. It will also protect you from environmental pollutants and negative energy. It can also relieve cramps and therefore help women during their period.

Pyrite also has very potent manifesting powers. It will strengthen your third chakra and enhance your willpower and confidence. This in turn will help you in overcoming fears and other negative influences. It will give you the courage to do what needs to be done and increase your persistence. All in all a great and handy crystal that benefits your health!

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - fluorite


Fluorite should not be confused with fluoride. The fluorite crystal is something that is actually good for you.

Fluorite is a powerful cleansing crystal that helps you get rid of toxins. This crystal will stabilize chakras, like the third eye and heart chakra, and mental energy in general. It reduces confusion, negativity and messy thoughts. This will give you a clearer mind and increases your general decision-making capacities, as well as learning capabilities.

Fluorite crystals are great to have in your home as they will help your body regenerate quicker. This is also a great crystal if you like making a wish every now and then. It might help you manifest your wishes.

Fluorite has a very nice looking fluorescent feature with many different colours. It usually contains purple and green colours, as well as transparent glass-like parts. It comes in various shapes and sizes.

Parallelo Health - your source for health, workouts, food, supplements and more - blog - 10 Crystals That Benefit Your Health and Your Home - black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

The black tourmaline is a great healer and protector crystal. This one is quite special as it is said to give powerful protection against electromagnetic waves, caused by modern electronics such as television, WIFI and smartphones. This makes it one of the better crystals to benefit your health and your home.

The black tourmaline its name is kind of misleading as it isn’t always black. It comes in many colours and shapes. This crystal is also known as Schorl and is very popular in spiritual practice.

Black tourmaline offers powerful protective effects and acts as a filter for negativity and disharmony. It will cleanse your auric field and etheric body. This makes it perfect for people who suffer from low self-esteem, fears, anger issues or negative thoughts. It will help you control these negative things and turn them into positive thinking and opportunities.

This stone has a pyro-electric property: when heating this stone, one end gets charge positively and the other negatively. The stone produces electricity once heated considerably. This is very special!

Final Words

These were the first 10 crystals that benefit your health and your home. Like we said before, there are so many more crystals we want to tell you about, that can help you, but we can’t do this all in one blog. So keep your eyes out for the follow-up blog with more fantastic and helpful crystals, that you definitely want to check out!

Crystals are great for any house and any person. They look great and offer powerful benefits. They are the ideal gift for people who care about health and people who are into spirituality.

If you have any questions about crystals, please feel free to ask. Give us a shout-out in the comment section below, or contact us via the contact page.

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